About Us

GalacticVibe is a well-maintained business directory that is manually worked on by real people to make it worth browsing. Being an online business directory, the provided information targets online businesses and websites around the world. The businesses are listed under their respective categories and sub-categories for easy navigation. New listings require a manual review before they go live. Our esteemed team of editors goes through each link and business detail before approving them. They follow a strict guideline of no-spam policy, which makes it hard for automated bot submissions to spam automatically. We are working on making GalacticVibe as one of the most useful and resourceful business directories when compared to other online business directories.

We offer both free and paid options for submission. The paid options do have a few additional numbers of features over the standard free submission. Your listings on our directory not only give you an SEO boost but also provides a quality profile for your business that includes a listing of your logo, business profile, website link, as well as anything else you'd like to tell people about your business. Once the website is submitted, our editorial team checks your submissions and goes through the information provided to double-check it for our directory standards. They sometimes send email to your provided email address requesting more info if required. And please remember that our review system does not permit auto-approval, so it will take sometime before you see your business listing approved and live. Also, to make our business directory more practical, straightforward to use & user friendly, we are regularly reviewing categories and sub-categories to guarantee that we have the best business directory websites to offer our visitors.

GalacticVibe is managed by an experienced team of editors. If you are interested in submitting your website or any business website that you find genuine, please submit the listing using our submission form. Please do type us your suggestions at info at galacticvibe.com. GalacticVibe is one-stop for the quality business directory needs. Get your business listed today!